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Friday, November 19, 2004

Books About Monopoly: Part One and a half...

The Monopoly Book, by Maxine Brady, is one of books that repeated the old Parker Brothers' promotional line about the origin of the game.

In the first chapter Maxine briefly touches upon this issue by dedicating a subsection called "In the beginning there was the Great Depression".

To be fair with Maxine, the book only touched upon the origin of Monopoly as a trivia topic because the book is supposed to be about tactics and strategies to win the game. Good stuff.

I tried to get a link with an image from Amazon, but they only had this silly looking box without an image... I include the box just in case you want to have a look at how much the book currently sells for (or in case you want to buy it, of course!).

I have 2 editions of the same book in my collection: one is by Pan Books and it's a 1980 Edition (resembling the colours of the British Monopoly box) and the more colourful version by Reiss Games published in 1974 (the original edition), and that above is the picture of the 2 versions.

I learned quite a lot from this book... but there are other harder to get that sort of give you different angles on how to play to win....

For instance, Winning Monopoly: A Complete Guide to Property Accumulation, Cash Flow Strategy, and Negotiating Techniques When Playing the Best-Selling Board Game by Kaz Darzinskis. Kaz apparently did an analysis of 187,000 games of Monopoly, and worked out the best possible strategies to win.

It is a very good complement to Maxine's book.

Unfortunately, this is another one of the books that Amazon does not have a picture for. However, I still include the link for your convenience.

I'll just have to upload my own picure after this posting....

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