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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Books About Monopoly: Part Two... Continuation

Another jewel in my collection of Monopoly books is 1000 Ways to Win Monopoly Games. This is a very expensive out of print book, nowadays costing up to $115 USD if you are lucky to get a copy!

The strategies outlined in this book are somehow unorthodox, but effective if you are up to fun-by-always-winning-no-matter-what. But, having read the official rules of the game, as clarified by Phil Orbanes ("the" authority on this subject), I am not convinced that all of their suggested path to victory are actually "legal" from an official point of view. In fact, I would question whether one can use many of its strategies in an official tournament.

Yet, it makes good bed time reading... if you are interested in defeating your opponents in a Monopoly playing session!

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