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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Books About Monopoly: Part Two: Beyond Boarwalk and Parkplace

Beyond Boardwalk and Parkplace is one of my favourite books on the subject of Monopoly playing. This is because it seeks to depart from the normal official rules to make the game more interesting.

It contains rules that make sense. For instance, under the proposed rules in this book, one cannot trade or get any benefits whilst in Jail. You cannot buy properties from the word "go" (pardon the pun!), but have to wait till you go around the board once. There are also additional cards that the book includes, making your monopoly playing a very different and more dynamic (and fair) game to play

The book is not easy to find. It's a hard to get one, as it is out of print. Prices may vary from $5.00 USD (on a good day), to $100+ (when the supply of used books is limited).

I have played with these rules, and it is a totally different experience altogether. I encourage you to get the book (if you can), and test the rules. You'll love them!

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