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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Monopoly Spin Off Books

The books that I've discussed so far are books that either tell you how to win the game with good strategies, or tell you about the origins of the game.

There are, however, 2 other types of Monopoly books: Those that claim that the principles of the game have had some sort of influence in the Author's business skills, and those that use the Monopoly concept to build upon property trading skills.

Last year, Alex Axelrod wrote a book entitled "Everything I learn about business, I learned from Monopoly":

Curiously, this book is not listed yet in Amazon

I bought this book from one of my local bookstores. The titled compelled me to buy it because Phil Orbanes had given me a copy of an autographed copy of an articled he published in the Harvard Business Journal, and it had the same title.

Alan Alexrod's book is more of a "self help" book focused on winning business philosophy. "Inspirational" may be the word one could use to describe it, but not necessarely a book that an avid Monopoly player may want to read (unless, of course, it is bought as a collectors' item).

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