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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

RISK: The Board Game

One of the most fascinating classic boardgames I've come across is RISK: The War Strategy Board Game.

Many years ago I was reluctant to even try, mainly because the game takes a long time to complete. Then again, Monopoly takes a long time too, and I don't mind it.

A friend of mine insisted that RISK was a great game to have with a few beers, and used to describe the moves, the anticipation, the skill, the luck factor: all important factors when playing RISK.

So, to avoid being accused of having double standards, I cave in and let my self be dragged upon a journey towards the conquest of the world: a battle where luck and boldness play a very important role towards victory.

In my next postings, I will briefly discuss the origins of RISK as a board game (a very interesting story indeed), as well as its rules. I will also touch upon some of the different alternative RISK versions, and compare them to RISK clones.

Keep an eye on the next postings, as they will be very informative.

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