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Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm Boggled with the Story of Boggle!

I'm Boggled with the History of Boggle!

Yesterday, I continued my discussion about word games, and briefly discussed the rules and objects of the game... in a sort of very schetchy way.

I looked for the story of Boggle in my books about games, but the only book I knew of that touched upon the history of this boggling game is "The Game Makers" by Phil Orbanes.

I've read that book and it was good... but I had to return it to the Perth City Library... Fortunately, I ordered it, and it's ready to be collected from the bookshop....

Anyhow, I digress. My findings about the history of Boggle where not many at first. I learnt that:

1. Boggle is a "hidden word game" (Duh!)
2. A guy by the name of Allan Turoff invented it, and that
3. Parker Brothers licensed it and made a whole lot of money out of it.

The version of Boggle I have in my possession is a licensed Australian version, manufactured by Tolstoys Pty Ltd Australia, but essentially it's the same version as the American one and, unlike games like Monopoly (... here we go again!), the instructions do not contain the history of the game. Bummer!

Well... I'll have to go and get my book and see if I can find that information, as a brief search on the Net did not reveal anything significant about the history of the game.

I even went to the Hasbro site, and found the history of other games... but nothing on Boggle!

I'll get back to you on this one soon.

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