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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sex in a Box? Or just a great board game?

As I was saying the other day... Twister is a great game!

It was invented by Chuck Foley and Neil Rabens, and eventually purchased by Milton Bradley as their stellar performance, best seller game for 1966.

Who got the money for Twister, though? Well, it was a dude by the name of Reyn Guyer, who happened to be the guy who employed the inventors... Once they did the right thing by inventing such a great game, he kicked their butts off... Ahhh, the blessings of capitalism and un-unionised countries!

Nope. He did not invent Twister, but he got the financial benefits of the invention. It's not the same, but it will do just fine...


The concept of "personal space" is one that Twister had to overcome to become a "successful game". I mean, having somebody's smelly sock close to your chest is not necessarely something one would be looking forward to do.

But if you dress it up with... S.E.X. (ie, "sex"), by hiring gorgeous models in tights inviting you (as you're on your way to work, or from work) to play close to them (with the occasional body contact), you have a winner of a marketing promotion.

That's exactly what happened at first, when the person in charge of marketing Twister (Marianne "Mickey" Mackay)started promoting the game.

You would have thought that back in the 60s, Manhattan would be populated by conservative people not inclined to have any body contact with anyone. But all the opposite happened:

* People surrounded the board mats and played
* the traffic was stopped to allow the play to go ahead
* it started raining, and traffic was restored. However, players just moved the mats to the foot paths and continued playing under the rain...

... it was crasy!

Later on Mickey MacKay managed to convince John Carson's writers to include the game during the show. That did it!

The following day, lots of people were asking for "that crasy game we saw on TV last night".

The campaing went on, organising teenagers to play Twister at the beach... it was pure marketing madness... but it worked!

Despite its "sex-appeal", the game is nowadays more popular amongst kids... as they don't mind the body contact with each other.

Yet, I think adults may be inclined to play Twister after a few beers or wine (or intoxicating substance of your choice). Losing all inhibitions helps you play the game without reservations.

... and who knows? If you are available, you may get lucky in the process... hmmm?

That's all for now....



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