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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Another Christmas Themed Board Game!

I just found this other Christmas themed game. It is called... wait for it: The Christmas in a Box Game

How do they come up with these titles for their games, huh?


I reckon this is one of those games you play only during or close to Christmas. To be honest, I would rather play my normal Monopoly instead.

In fact, this game is so close to the Monopoly concept, that I don't see why you should buy it! You buy properties such as Christmas Cookies, Mistletoe, Sleigh Ride, Fruit Cake or Lump of Coal. Instead of going to Jail (Gaol, in Australia), you end up in the Scrooge Fine box if you misbehave... nah... not really. You end up there if you land on the damn thing!

If you land on Santa Claus and collect everything in the center of the board. In real life, you would be sued for personal injuries and exemplary damages for daring to disrupt our commercial season, of course!

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