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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Monopoly Spin Off Books... Continuation

A couple of years ago, I started compiling pictures about Monopoly collectable memorabilia.... The project came to a halt when my computer crashed, and I lost the contact details of all the people who gave me permission to include their pictures in my book to be.... May be I'll pick up where I stopped - eventually - and get their permissions again... one day.

Anyway, in the process of gathering materials, I asked Professor Knechell if I could have a copy of his book entitled at a special priceThe Monopoly Game Practice Set: Accounting for Monopoly Game Transactions. He was very kind, and sent me a free copy of his book, which is the copy you can see here:

I am not an accountant, but I enjoyed reading the book simply because it used the Monopoly boardgame as a teaching aid to teach his students about accounting. Again, this is not a book for an avid Monopoly player, but for a Monopoly collector.

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