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Saturday, February 12, 2005

How Scrabble Took Off

The first year that Scrabble really took off was in 1952?

It just happened that a major buyer visited the Scrabble manufactoring plant whilst Butts' friend, Brunot and his wife, had decided to take a short 2-weeks holiday.

He was pleasantly surpriced when he found orders for 2,500 sets.

He thought this was going to be a once off affair, but he was wrong. The following week he had another order for 3000 sets, and the demand kept growing till he was required to make 411 sets a day by the end of 1952.

They decided to contract out the Scrabble production, as the amounts required every year went higher and higher. In 1945 they produced 4.5 million sets of Scrabble!

So, there you are... a delayed, but productive outcome indeed, from an idea nobody wanted.


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