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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Star Wars Board Games

My apologies for not having posted for a while. I've been busy with my low fat recipes site, a couple of court cases I have to prepare for, and other family matters... speaking of which, I report that I went to see Star Wars Episode III, The Revenge of the Sith the other day, and that triggered off the question: What Star Wars board games are available?

Interesting question.

Armed with a magnifying glass and a Sherlock Holmes' hat, I commenced my search into the dark and the light side of cyberspace for such games.

Star Wars Monopoly Classic Trilogy Edition: I did not need to go very far indeed... not even into cyberspace! I've got my own Star Wars Monopoly Classic Trilogy Edition, which came pewter tokens of Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, C3PO, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, The Evil Emperor, Boba Fett, and a Storm Trooper. Curiously, R2D2 was not one of the characters. I found that odd, as I think it is the character with the most magnetic personality in the saga... but there you have it. No R2D2!

The hotels are either Imperial Warships or Millenium Falcons, and the houses are simple plastic little boxes with a Tie Fighter or a X-Wing printed on top.

But I've noticed that the most recent version of Star Wars Monopoly does include R2D2. Getting that newest version of Star Wars Monopoly is in my wish list for the end of the year. ;-)

There is also The Star Wars Monopoly Saga Edition, but really, you only get all both sets if you're nuts about Star Wars or Monopoly. I am, but I'll wait a bit to get the second set. ;-)

Star Wars Stratego: You may recall my previous discussion of RISK, the boardgame, in my previous blog posts. Well, if you are familiar with RISK, Star Wars Stratego is almost the same. Same idea. Basically the board is the battle ground, and you play your role in the galaxy to gain power and control over the other players.
There are 2 sides (as in any battle), and the characters are: Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and other defenders of The Force fighting against Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Jango Fett and those on the Dark Side.

The game play is exciting: You and your opponent secretly place your troops, thermal detonators and Command Center lightsaber on the gameboard, and after that, let the battle begin! The first to capture the enemy's lightsaber is the winner!

And speaking of RISK, there is Star Wars War of The Clones version of RISK, with 2 set of rules: Classic RISK, or Clone Wars'.

Star Wars Chess: And just because Chess is over 2000 years old does not mean that we could not include it in the list of boardgames. In fact, chess is the classic boardgame, and it would have been strange if there was no Star Wars Chess at all (there is Chess for everything, including the Simpsons!).

This particular set includes characters from all 6 Star Wars movies and a black-and-silver game board with detailed instructions. Black pieces include: 8 Storm Troopers (Pawns) 1 Count Dooku, 1 Darth Maul (Rooks); 1 Boba Fett, 1 Jango Fett (Knights); 1 Grievous Bodyguard, 1 General Grievous (Bishops); 1 Darth Vader (Queen) and 1 Emperor (King). A must for any Star Wars Collector!

The Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: This is "THE" boardgame for Star Wars fans who know, or claim to know, everything about the 6 movies. With 2,500 questions about the cult classic movies, this boardgame is a "must have". What I like best about this game is it interactivity with the DVD. Great stuff!

I'll keep an eye for more of these games...

Yours in Fun,


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