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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Australian Top 10 Board Games


I was reading this morning in today's paper that the following games are the top 10 games in Australia:

  • Deluxe Poker Set
  • Elefun
  • Monopoly (of course!)
  • Kerplunk!
  • Operation
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Guess Who?
  • 20 Questions
  • Mouse Trap (I really like this one)
  • Uno
It's amazing how Poker has become the #1 game in Australia... for kids.

Poker is not, stricktly speaking, a board game, but I include it here because I'm currently learning to play it.

I found a very good resource to learn a few tips and techniques on Texas Holdem Poker via a free newsletter:

Mr Monahan, a former Texas Holdem Poker champion spills his beans in his newsletter. I found his tips very useful.

I want to discuss the other 8 games in my next entries (as I've done a lot of Monopoly talking thus far).

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