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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Perth Monopoly Board

Hi there,

It's been another long time since my last entry.

I've been dedicating more time to my low fat recipes site, the blog, and another little hobbie site I'm building.

I'm still passionate about board games. But I've been busy with the rest of my life which, thankfully, does not only consist of board games (I am also getting into Poker!).... hahahah!

Nevertheless... my beautiful partner in life (and soon to be wife) got me something this week (unexpectedly, as it is not my birthday yet!). She learnt that the Perth Telethon Appeal has produced a limited edition of the Monopoly board featuring beautiful places in Western Australia. Only 10,000 boards have been issued, and they're selling like hot cakes!

I got mine, and it looks really beautiful. It features the Perth skyline, and the main streets that we Perthians know very well. It also includes other areas of WA, and - of course - it includes our WA sponsors' logos.

I have not opened it yet. I may buy another board, so that I can keep one copy in the shrink wrap. I'll include pictures soon.

That was a very nice surprice, especially because only about 2 weeks ago I thought about the fact that there are Monopoly boards for many cities in the world, but not for Perth (Sure, there is one for Australia, but it only includes 2 streets in Perth, but that's not reflective of my beautiful city!).

So, if you have someone in Perth who's willing to buy one of these limited edition boards, I urge you to contact him/her a.s.a.p. as they are disappearing off the shelf faster than a cat with Chinese crackers attached to his tail!

Yours in Fun,


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