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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Concentration Board Game

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Have you ever heard of a board game called "Concentration"?

I've seen this board game in many versions, especially at child care centers, pre-school, and primary school.

I really like this board game because it helps kids develop the ability of retaining images in their memory and recalling them when prompted.

Whilst Milton Bradley developed this game in the 1950s, research traces its origins back to the 1930s, when it was called "Pick a Pair".

The MB resembles an old TV show of the same name, and came with a "Rolomatic Cube" where you insert cardboard cards with puzzles to be solved.

The pictures above show the first edition box of this successful educational board game, and the 16th edition of the same. So far, there have been 25 editions.

A vintage 1958 1st edition concentration board game can fetch you about $70 USD (or less at some auction sites).

According to another site (a new window will open),

In 1958 Jack Barry was the the "host" and subsequently Hugh Downs became the "host" on both the evening prime time series and the daytime series. This television audience participation "quiz show" was a combination of two old parlor games. Two contestants are presented a game board of 30 squares. Behind each square is a prize. The task of a contestant was to match 2 squares and win the prize. However, a contestant could only keep the prize if they would be the first to solve a "rebus" which was revealed as the chosen squares were rotated. A "rebus" is a word puzzle in which the syllables of words and names are represented either by pictures of things that sound the same or by letters.

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