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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Can you make a game with this?

Apart from having an interest in boardgames, I have also developed a couple of small commercial software applications. Developing them has not been a problem, but marketing them has proven to be a learning challenge. ;-)

Not to worry, everything in life is a learning experience.

I'm considering creating a couple of small games just for fun (not necessarely for profit), and been looking for a tool that allows me to do this.

I'm not a programmer, but I know there are tools that allow you to create applications without coding. One of these tools is called Make Your Own Software.

Now, this tool won't allow me to develop the next Cybermonopoly electronic gameboard, but it certainly opens the possibility to developing simple software that can emulate word games.

I'll be using it and keep you posted. Hey... may be some of you may want to beta test my first creations! If you do, let me know by writing a comment.

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