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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Another Christmas Themed Board Game!

I just found this other Christmas themed game. It is called... wait for it: The Christmas in a Box Game

How do they come up with these titles for their games, huh?


I reckon this is one of those games you play only during or close to Christmas. To be honest, I would rather play my normal Monopoly instead.

In fact, this game is so close to the Monopoly concept, that I don't see why you should buy it! You buy properties such as Christmas Cookies, Mistletoe, Sleigh Ride, Fruit Cake or Lump of Coal. Instead of going to Jail (Gaol, in Australia), you end up in the Scrooge Fine box if you misbehave... nah... not really. You end up there if you land on the damn thing!

If you land on Santa Claus and collect everything in the center of the board. In real life, you would be sued for personal injuries and exemplary damages for daring to disrupt our commercial season, of course!

Posted by Jeff

Some Christmas Themed Board Games


Today I want to start departing from my most favourite board game (in case you've come late to this blog, my most favourite board game in the whole world is Monopoly... but I also have a few other board games I also like very much).

My kids went to the USA for holidays last night. During the afternoon preceeding their departure, we had the most amazing Monopoly game ever, in my collectors' edition Franklin Mint Monopoly boargame... yes, the one with a deluxe wooden cabinet and gold plated tokens.

Sorry... I'm getting carried away with Monopoly again.... It's like... I can't help myself!

Anyway... today's topic is a very timely and seasonal one. I want to start discussing what Christmas themed board games there are out there as we speak.

The first one I found was How the Grinch Stole Christmas Game. If you've seen the cartoon version of this story, or the movie with Jim Carey, you know what this game is all about.

But if you don't, here is the brief summary:

Once upon a time... there was a little town called Whoville and, everyone was looking forward to enjoy yet another wonderful Christmas. But there was a grumpy dude called the Grinch, who just hated the Christmas idea (a bit like many other dudes, who get a credit card shock AFTER Christmas!). So, he decided to steal the spirit of Christmas, together with presents and food and all, and was about to spoil the festivities for everyone.

I don't tell you more about the Grinch in case you want to see the movie and enjoy the end.

The Game itself

This is a game you can play with 2 to 4 players, and it requieres memory and matching skills. A player races around the board trying to resque presents from that evil Grinch. The one who saves the most presents wins.

The game is easy enough for little kiddies to play, but if your kids tend to swallow small parts, you should not leave them playing by themselves with it (and perhaps you should feed your kids more often with real food!).

The parts they may end up swalloing are 20 presents, 4 playing tokens and a spinner.

Good fun to keep the little ones no so quiet, but busy and entertained.

I like the 1997 version, which is based on the animated story. But you can find this normally at Ebay, going for as little as under $6.00.

Halli Galli: Special Christmas Edition

This is another Xmas board game that I've just learned about. It's sort of like a no-brainer, but quite entertaining:

The game comes with candles, snowmen, Christmas trees and Christmas tree balls. Each player turns over a card with one or more of these items, and you have to watch closely. As soon as 5 items of the same kind have been revealed, you have to ring the bell.

The concept is not new. I remember reading in the Game Makers book that there was a similar game in the early 30s or 40s last century. In fact, upon my arrival to Australia, I used to play a very similar game with cards. The only difference with this one is the bell.

Finally, for today anyway, I'm sure there must be a Christmas Monopoly set somewhere in cyberspace.... here I am again, talking about Monopoly! (sigh! old habits die hard!).

I'll see if I can find any other Christmas themed board games and let you know about them!

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