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Friday, April 01, 2005

Risk: The Board Game Story (In a Nutshell)

Hi, once again...

Check once again the picture of RISK I posted in my last blog entry. The object of the game is self evident.

No. It's not a geography game! It's a war game!

In fact, the original name of the game was "La Conquete Du Monde" (The Conquest of the World, or a more anglisised translation "Conquer the World"... which makes more sense... gamewise!). ;-)

The year was 1957. The place: France. The game inventor: a French dude by the name of Albert Lamorisse, who happened to also be a French movie producer.

The thing is Parker Brothers invited a French partner company by the name of Miro to Salem, and the company showed Parker Brothers the original prototype of the now-so-famous board game.

Barton, then President of Parker Brothers, kinda liked the game. It came with a map dividing the world into several regions by colour, and with a bucket-load of miniature military tokens, dice and that sort of thing.

Problem was that the game used to take a hell of a lot longer that it currently is, and there were areas that needed to be improved. So, after a playing with the original game for a little while, they came up with ways to make it quicker to play, and with a logical flow of difficulties to make it more interesting.

Yup! Parker Brothers had done it again. They had improved a magnificent game. But there was still a little problem to deal with: ze name! (the name).

Hmmm... WWII was over for only about 12 years, conquering the world was by then out of fashion, and not seen with kind eyes by popular opinion. So, perhaps a change of name was warranted indeed...

... and I'll tell you in my next posting how the name was chosen, and the rest of the story...

Till then,


Source: The Game Makers

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

RISK: The Board Game

One of the most fascinating classic boardgames I've come across is RISK: The War Strategy Board Game.

Many years ago I was reluctant to even try, mainly because the game takes a long time to complete. Then again, Monopoly takes a long time too, and I don't mind it.

A friend of mine insisted that RISK was a great game to have with a few beers, and used to describe the moves, the anticipation, the skill, the luck factor: all important factors when playing RISK.

So, to avoid being accused of having double standards, I cave in and let my self be dragged upon a journey towards the conquest of the world: a battle where luck and boldness play a very important role towards victory.

In my next postings, I will briefly discuss the origins of RISK as a board game (a very interesting story indeed), as well as its rules. I will also touch upon some of the different alternative RISK versions, and compare them to RISK clones.

Keep an eye on the next postings, as they will be very informative.

Posted by Jeff

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